‘Shooting an Action Picture Master Class’ by Ross Clarkson

Date : 5th to 18th February 2017

Duration : 14 days        Class size : 20 students (maximum)

Audience : Aimed at film makers who want to learn about making action films, with first hand experiences in real life stunt photography

Location : Bangkok, Thailand


The hands-on master class covers stunt scenes planning, scheduling, budgeting, filming, editing and safety

Students will get to learn how to make action films with real live filming situations including:

– a car chase

– martial arts fight

– guns fight

– weapons fight.

On every 2nd day, students learn how to edit the footage together. On the last day, students will present their films in a private screening room.

The course is run by international industry professionals and supported by shooting crew and stunts personnel. All shooting crew, equipment, HD cameras, rigs, etc will be provided. Students will have the choice to operate the cameras themselves if they want.

The story brief:  A Man and Woman are being chased by a vicious underworld gang who want to kill them, their only option to stay alive is to fight their way out. Students shall be involved in all aspects of action film making including planning, budgeting and execute the filming of this short film.










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Film making is tough, and successful film making is even tougher. There’s no substitute for hard earned experience and acquiring valuable practical knowledge in the field from session professional and hands-on experience.

We run intensive intermediate to advance training programs for professional film makers – who already understand the fundamentals of film-making, who are seeking to move into something that’s different, or to advance their current skills.

Learn Film Asia professional training programs aim to give students a highly engaging, intensive and demanding first hand experience directly studying alongside top industry professionals.

Our training programs not just help you to improve your craft, it will actually make you feel like making the next hit movie. We seek to train you to equip yourself.

To apply for your place please contact us by email: info@learnfilmasia.com or learnfilmasia@gmail.com

Or call   +44 (0) 208 123 8510 (alex@learnfilmasia.com) or +65 9686 6388 (alvin@learnfilmasia.com)

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“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Albert Einstein



Students will need to have their own computer and editing software. A copy of all the footage shot will be given for their editing. While they’ll edit in the same room, their edits won’t be seen by the others till the presentation day.

If you don’t have editing software we can help, but please bring along a laptop for basic editing.

Time and Stamina

Your average training day will be approx. 8-10hrs per day

Age Requirements

For safety and insurance requirements, only students above 18 will be accepted.


“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics


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