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Film making is tough, and successful film making is even tougher. Although there is a significant element of chance involved in working your way up the film industry ladder towards the top, there’s no substitute for hard earned experience and acquiring valuable practical knowledge in the field

We run intensive training programs for professional film makers who already understand the fundamentals of film-making, especially for those already well established in the creative film industry who are seeking to move into something that’s different, or to advance their current skills.

We do not offer introductory level courses, as there are plenty of those about and can be found simply via searching online. Pleaes don’t come to us for 101 level training. On a Learn Film Asia professional training program you will experience a highly intensive and demanding first hand experience directly in the field where you will be studying alongside top industry professionals. You will not just be studying your craft, it will actually feel like you are making that next hit movie whilst undertaking a training program. We seek to equip you to equip yourself.

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Basic requirements

Equipment you need (your own)

Students must have their own computer and editing software. They will be given a copy of all the footage shot for their editing. While they’ll edit in the same room, their edits won’t be seen by the others till the presentation day.

Time and stamina, this is going to require a lot of effort

Your average training day will be approx. 10hrs per day

Age, how old

Our programs are only for adults, although you’re never too old or too young, but you will have to be 18+ to join our progams for safety reasons


No beginners please, we are certainly not the right option for you, there are many lower priced introductory options available for 101 training

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