What happens on the course

Course outline for ‘Shooting an Action Picture’

Two weeks on ‘Shooting an Action Picture.’ This is a hands on practical highly intensive workshop that takes place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Trainer: Ross Clarkson

Dates:  5th to 18th February 2017

Location: Bangkok

The story brief: A Man and Woman are being chased by a gang who want to kill them, their only way out is to fight.. Involving all aspects of action film making the students will have to plan, budget and execute the filming of this short film.




All our stunts will be provided by Jaika Stunts, a top stunt provider for action movies in Thailand.






Day 1

  • Go through the script and create storyboard on location for the car chase scene.

Day 2

  • Shoot car chase. We will be working with professional stunt actors in real car chase scenarios.

Day 3

  • Shoot car chase and flip car. Taking care chases to the next level.

Day 4

  • Edit car chase. (Students edit themselves in hotel conference room)

Day 5

  • Go through your script and create a storyboard on location for an all action Street Fight scene.

Day 6

  • Shoot the Street Fight.  Working with a professional stunt team, you will be involved in all aspects of shooting.

Day 7

  • Shoot Street Fight (working with wires, taking it to the next level).  This adds the next layer of complexity to filming an action scene.

Day 8

  • Edit Street fight. (Students edit this themselves in hotel conference room with supervision).

Day 9

  • Go through script and create storyboard on location for Gunfight Scene.

Day 10

  • Shoot Gun fight.  Working with professional stunt team on location you will shoot a gun fight and learn all aspects of filming.

Day 11

  • Shoot Gun fight (air canons and blasts for more action).  Working with stunt team.

Day 12

  • Edit Gun fight. (Students edit themselves in a secluded location).  You will develop action editing skills.

Day 13

  • Presentation day in profession grade Cinema.

Day 14

  • Recap, summary, Q&As, and guest speaker (tbc.)