Your trainer for ‘Shooting an Action Picture’ is Ross Clarkson 


Starting as a trainee editor at channel 9 in Brisbane Australia, it wasn’t long before he took to cameras and was a graded news cameraman at the young age of 19. After shooting news for six years he moved to the new world of corporate videos. When the Village Roadshow studios opened on Australia’s Gold Coast Ross was drawn to learn more about movies, after several years he could not break in. In 1993 he took a huge change to move to Hong Kong without any guarantee of employment, after renovating his future boss’s apartment for 2 months he then got a job for Salon Films.

Working for Salon Films was a great opportunity for Ross, he was shooting most of their productions and using all types of equipment. Ross decided to return to the freelance world in 1997 when his life would start to change for the better. He met Ringo Lam. “When I first met Ringo he wanted me to shoot 4 days underwater for his movie HK “Full Alert”, sitting in his office watching his feet bounce made me nervous. But I did the shoot and all went well, as I was saying goodbye to me he said “You could shoot movies”. The next time I heard from Ringo who only lives 10 minutes away from me was several months later, He called me up and asked me for a coffee. So I went and he offered me to shoot “Suspect”, I said that I’ve never shot a movie before. He said “Have a go”. So I did.Ross2

Since that time Ross has worked on every Ringo Lam film as either Director of Photography for his HK movies or as “A” camera operator for the American movies. In 2000 Ringo brought Ross to Canada for “Replicant” where he started a strong friendship with Jean Claude Van Damme. Jean Claude who also appreciates Ross’s lively style of camera operating took him to Israel and Bulgaria for “The Order”.

While shooting “In Hell” in Bulgaria with director Ringo Lam, the filming schedule was changed for Ross’s wedding with Irina Hadzhieva. Ross’s best man was Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Was awarded Gold in Australia at the 2006 Queensland A.C.S Awards for best cinematography in a feature film for ‘Mechanik, The’ (2005) directed by Dolph Lundgren.